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Three Steps for the Perfect Bridesmaid Box

Ah Bridesmaids – in the context of a Singaporean wedding, it wouldn’t be possible (and, face it, much less fun!) if we didn’t have our dear bridesmaids to help us on the Big Day!

Photo Credits: Miraculove; Bells and Birds

As you will be spending a lot of time together before and during the wedding day, it’s a sweet and thoughtful gesture to surprise your besties with a thoughtful invitation and gift.

Over here at TWW, our editor L shares her tips on how she came up with the theme of her Bridesmaid Box.

Step 1: Find the perfect bridesmaid dress

This was the difficult part! There are simply so many choices of online blogshops in Singapore, and L knew she wanted dresses which were not just the regular convertible dresses. Yet here comes the difficult part – dresses with sizes sometimes ran out of stock in certain sizes! Throw in the added challenge of wanting bridesmaid dresses to match her wedding theme and it was a massive task at hand!

Thankfully, after numerous hunting, L found The Velvet Doll’s Bridesmaid Collection ( which came in a large range of sizes and on backorder!

*Tip: Do start bridesmaid dress hunting early, at least 3 months before your wedding to allow for ordering time, especially if you have a large bridal party.

Photo Credits: The Velvet Dolls

Step 2: Personalised accessories
Depending on the theme also of your box, you would want to keep the theme of the entire box coherent. For L, she decided on a blush and glitter-themed bridesmaid box hence accessories would need to match up!

Who said personalised and thoughtful presents need to cost an arm and a leg? The amazing glittery notebook was found in Daiso and personalised with stencils from Spotlight! Use your creativity – your besties would definitely appreciate the thought and effort you put into the Bridesmaid Box.

Step 3: The Finishing Touch – Bridesmaid Proposal Card

What would a gift be without a beautiful card and a handwritten note? Here’s when (, which has the most beautiful and elegant bridesmaid cards for every occasion, comes in!

L had 8 bridesmaids and Miraculove’s Girlsquad Bridesmaid Invitation Cards ( were absolutely perfect for the theme.

Photo Credits: Miraculove

The cards were even more gorgeous in real life! They were so beautifully illustrated with a silvery finish and added a certain finesse to the Bridesmaid Box.

L’s own bridesmaid box

The Bridesmaid Box is getting more popular in recent years and we can totally understand why!

Did it take a lot of time to plan and prepare the bridesmaid boxes? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely – especially after seeing the happy faces on your besties’ faces! After all, happy bridesmaids mean a happy bride when it matters to most.



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