The One Guide you need to ROM in Singapore

How do we legally get married in Singapore – or rather, how does the ROM process work? Registering your marriage the Singapore way is easy and here’s a handy guide on the steps to register your marriage in Singapore. Remember, the only mandatory cost involved here is $26!

How to Register Marriage Singapore

How to decide if I want a Solemnisation in ROM or External event?

Just like with the actual wedding, a solemnisation is potentially another event to plan for! We have seen many of our friends opting for different types of Solemnisations. Some prefer the relatively simple and cost-efficient Solemnisation at ROM, while many choose to do ROM at the actual wedding venue itself. For many us, opting to have Solemnisation ceremony on the same day as the wedding is an option, as hotels/restaurants are usually able to provide a venue for the ROM ceremony itself!

At ROM venue


  • Simple & Fuss-free
  • Time Saving


  • Weekdays Only
  • No choice of Solemniser
  • Only up to 20 guests
  • No decorations allowed

External ROM event


  • Flexibility for date, Solemniser, number of Guests & Venue


  • More costs involved for venue & food (if separate from Actual Wedding Date)
  • More Planning involved

Choosing Solemniser and Things to Note:

For a list of licensed solemnisers, please visit ROM’s website here.

Do remember to that solemnisers are doing this out of their personal capacity to meet you for consent signing and officiate at the Wedding. Do be courteous and respectful to your solemniser and be punctual as the solemniser may leave the solemnization venue after 30 minutes if no prior notice is given of any delay in the agreed solemnization schedule!

Also, make sure to invite the solemniser personally (relatives or wedding planners will not be entertained!).


We hope you found this guide to Solemnisation in Singapore useful! To find out what are the documents needed before you book the date and on the actual date itself, just click here!

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