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How to make the #WeddingHashtag No One Else Has

Your physical wedding venue, perfect as it is, is a place where you’re only at for a day. But what’s most important is the having a piece of online real estate which belongs to only you and your beloved, as early as 1 year before your wedding! Yes, I’m talking about your unique Wedding Hashtag which no one else has!

Why #WeddingHashtag?

  • Because it makes it easier for your guests to find your photos
  • Because it makes it easier for you to find your own photos
  • Just because having a physical venue for the wedding day is not enough; there should also be a digital place you call your own.

As we’re not all poets and coming up with a wedding hashtag can be met with writers’ block, here are some tips to inspire you!

hashtagwedding Image Credits: Pinterest

  1. Use Puns

Puns are the best and most memorable! If your name sounds like a common phrase or euphemism, use it in your hashtag!

Some of the best we’ve come across are #PhiltheLav; #HappyFoorever

2. Rhyme this Time

Alternatively, brainstorm the words which rhyme with your names, because everyone loves a good rhyme! You can try #SamAndSueSayIDo.

3. Use your Wedding Date!

This is one especially for couples who are getting married on special dates such as 1 July 2017, 1st June 2016, 1 May 2015 etc..  #Ben&Sarah1717. This is useful also because people can’t forget the your wedding date!

4. Alliteration Always



myfatpocket Image Credits: My Fat Pocket

5. For those with a Unique Surname

If any of you has a unique surname, try something like #TeamThianWeds

6. Keep it Short & Sweet

People tend to misspell or forget if your hashtag is too long; make sure you keep the hashtag short and sweet, so people can #hashtag away easily! Try #Tim&JessWeds

7. Use your Venue

If dates and names are already taken, try venue! Try something like #HappiLeeinBali

8. Nicknames and inside jokes can be Handy

Use the nicknames you have for each other or your inside jokes for a quirkier hashtag! Try something like #RydetheWave or #DontEverLego

9. Create a hashtag you can use even after the wedding

Since you’re going to be spending so many hours thinking about your very own hashtag, you may as well continue using it for your honeymoon and even after that!

10. Keep Calm & Hashtag

If nothing comes up still, don’t worry; just stick with the classic format of combining your names to get a unique hashtag! #KellyandTomTieTheKnot .Try this with a brilliant wedding hashtag generator!
Last point: “Chope” your hashtag early – This way, you can even use the wedding hashtag to keep memories during the wedding planning journey. But of course, do check that your hashtag is yours alone; that way you can easily scroll and admire all photos from your friends and families!



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