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TWW Top 10 Wedding Florists in Singapore, for a bloomingly perfect Wedding Day

Of the numerous aspects to fuss over in preparation for a wedding, an important aspect that the couple cannot miss are flowers – hence we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 wedding florists in Singapore, so that your smile on your big day may bloom as brightly as those beautiful roses.

  1. Heaven Wild Fleur

A largely vintage-inspired floral shop, Heaven Wild Fleur provides brides with the most gorgeous arrangements that go in line with their belief that “beauty can be found in the simple and pure things around us”.  Bouquets are highly customizable and cater to specific needs of each client, giving it a more personal feel.

1. heaven wild

Image credit: heavenwildfleur

  1. Sing See Soon

Sing See Soon prides itself on being fresh and innovative; a constant trendsetter with over 30 years of experience under its belt, its floral offerings are worth every cent. Adding to the company’s credibility are its list of prestigious clients, which include Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) and The Shangri-La Group (Singapore, Jakarta, Futian). If grand and elaborate are your idea of a perfect wedding, Sing See Soon is your best bet.

2. sing see soon

Image credit: Sing See Soon

  1. Floral Magic

Run by women in a family whose expertise in various fields such as fashion PR and marketing sees them create visually stunning pieces of floral artwork together, Floral Magic is known for being able to transform the plainest of venues into an elegant wedding-worthy venue; having a keen eye for aesthetics puts them on top of the competition.


Image credit: Singapore Brides

  1. Mirage Flowers

Dreamy concoctions of pastel pink and white, vintage mixes of lavender – we’ll take Mirage Flowers’ word for it when they say, quote their introduction on official website, that they “believe in flowers”, and are accordingly well-versed in them too. Bouquets are intricately put-together with a lovely flower crown to match. Their versatility enables them to cater a wide range of floral products from wedding décor arrangements to actual day personal flowers.

4.2 mirage flowers

4.3 mirage

Image credit: Visual Momentos & Nat Studios

  1. With Every

With Every is a passionate team of florists who view their craft as an art, and are inspired by nature’s vibrancy. That passion coupled with creativity and love for Mother Nature translates well into the most stunning wedding bouquets. Be it bouquet or centerpiece, each piece reflects one’s personality and the wedding venue will be given a brand new makeover (cue Cinderella Godmother’s fairy wand) for your wedding day.

5 with every

5. with every 2

Image credit: With Every

  1. Dantakeda

With a team helmed by Dan Takeda, whose works have been featured in displays of high-end brands such as Gucci, only the classiest creations are guaranteed. Mr. Takeda believes in being emotionally in-tune with the client during the flower arrangement process, and so with that vision, rest assured that you are in good hands.

6. dan takeda

Image credit: Dan Takeda

  1. Boenga

Make your happily ever after come true with Boenga, renowned for its brilliant creativity and originality. Its beautiful customized floral designs have won Boenga numerous awards such as Singapore Best Florist by Singapore Tatler.

7. boenga pic

Image credit: Singapore Tatler

  1. Fiore Dorato

Fiore Dorato was established in 1996 and has been wowing with its lavish floral arrangements since. Drawing its influence from European floral designers, with extravagant floral and foliage, your wedding is bound to be a very grand affair.


Image credit: herworldplus

  1. Le Fairy Meadow

Weave dreams of lovely wonders in the enchantment of the Meadow, where flowers and all things magical are in abundance. Come celebrate Love, celebrate in style, celebrate with flowers and Le Fairymeadow. A superb choice especially if you’re planning on hosting your wedding outdoors, Le Fairy Meadow’s range of divine creations is perfect for a garden or spring-themed wedding. We love how they offer a matching floral crown for that extra-ethereal look.

9. le fairy meadow arch

9. Flower crown1

Image credit: Le Fairy Meadow

  1. Far East Flora

An established name, Far East Flora guarantees quality blooms by working closely with growers and major flower exporters around the world. With a staggering number of options available, unleash your inner Van Gogh with a D.I.Y bridal bouquet, or seek their wedding consultants for help on designing your wedding.


Image credit: Far East Flora

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