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Singaporeans, for the last time, don’t wear white to a wedding! Also, other fashion faux pas to avoid…

Singaporeans are known for dressing down on all occasions because, “Hot, lah!”. This is why in Singapore, weddings are not exactly the Black Tie affairs we see in other countries. Even though we are a nation of dress-downers, and can be considered easy-going with attire, when it comes to attending weddings, there are still some golden dressing rules you don’t want to break.

For females

  1. The Mother of all Wedding Attire Golden Rules: Wearing white is a no-no

Friend A says, “But my dress doesn’t look bridal at all!”

Friend B says, “My whole wardrobe is full of pretty white dresses which would be perfect for a formal event like my friend’s wedding!”

And of course the grey area,”It’s light cream, not white!”

To all of the above, our view is – NO, those are not acceptable reasons to wear white. Why risk hurting the feelings of the bride by turning up in a dress which is similar to what she’s wearing? Ladies don’t even like wearing the same dress as their friends, so why would it be OK to be similarly dressed on her Big Day?You can wear white when it’s your own wedding.

PS: The only time it’s acceptable to wear white is when the couple requests all guests to wear white.


Shop Instead: Zalora‘s Fluted Sheath Sleeve Dress. Pastel blue is perfect for church, garden or outdoor weddings. Lined with fluted sleeves over the classic A-line construction to deliver effortless chic factor onto your finished ensemble. If comfort and style are key, this is a great dress to pick.

2. An overwhelmingly skimpy hemline

Ladies, we all have that one dress which shows off a little leg or hangs a little low in front which shows off your best assets, and it’s perfectly fine to flaunt them at certain times and occasions. However, your friend’s wedding is not one such occasion so don’t make yourself a talking point among her colleagues/uncle/aunties/parents and save that special dress for a more appropriate occasion.

Theory of Seven

Shop Instead: Theory of Seven’s Bianca Summer Dreams Blue Maxi. Keep it classy with hemlines below the knees! Cinched at the waist for a better fit, this maxi hugs all of the right curves.

3.The right footwear makes all the difference

Now, nobody would wear a pair of slippers or flip flops to a hotel/restaurant wedding would they? Have a good look at where the wedding is held, in Singapore most likely it would be a hotel or restaurant wedding, so definitely, no sandals or sports shoes for these occasions.

Even if it were an outdoor wedding, we’re sure the couple would appreciate you coming in appropriate shoes for the events, so put away those flip flips/crocs or anything that even remotely resembles those.


Shop Instead: Pazzion Almond Lace Heels. The perfect pair of heels to go with any dress. This elegant lace detail heel is the ultimate in a cool, feminine style. Featuring leather upper, a slim high heel and a classy pointed toe. Pair it with a little black dress with lace detailing to complete the look.

For males

4. Add a touch of class and wear a suit.

Ditch your office clothes and put on a suit! That’s one of the ways you show your respect for the couple who has invited you to their wedding.


Shop Instead: Rossi for bespoke suits and accessible luxury menswear. Rossi is steeped in 3 generations of tailoring tradition and timeless craftsmanship. What we love about Rossi is that it’s a lifestyle based upon individuality and quality, not only in terms of design, but also materials and production techniques. A suit with a perfect fit is guaranteed to make you look dapper.


Or, shop Instead: Marcella where every man can tailor-make a suit conveniently and affordably.

5. Jeans, Berms and Sports shoes

No. Absolutely no. This is not casual Friday in the office.


Shop Instead: Aldo via Zalora. For any occasion, make sure you’re dressed to the nines with this solid finishing touch that comes in the form of these dapper ALDO shoes. Crafted with a luxurious leather upper complete with intricate textured detailing, the square toe simply ooze of effortless charm.

Rule of Thumb for Wedding Dress Attire

Ultimately, if you are unsure of the dress code, it is always better to over-dress, instead of under-dress. Bear in mind the above tips and just have fun at your friend’s wedding as you busk in the celebrations and revelry! 🙂


Shop: Megagamie Avgenia Side Slit Maxi Dress In Navy Blue. A chic and classic Maxi dress takes you from day to night effortlessly. Dress it up with accessories for a glamorous look!

Editor’s Note: If you have any interesting stories to share about wedding fashion faux pas or suggested shops to buy wedding guest attires, feel free to comment!

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