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Dinner at an “atas” restaurant turned out to be her own fairytale… #IsaidYESsg

Who said Singaporean men aren’t romantic and full of surprises? Read on, as Meifung shares her proposal story with TWW on how Daniel won her heart by creating her own fairytale…

We know how much effort goes into a beautiful proposal like this, and would love to credit MeiFung for her submission, in wanting to share her happiness and thank her sweet fiance for the effort 🙂


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How we met:

We met at church through a friend, while volunteering to act in an Easter drama production.

While he was wooing me, he was very romantic and kept giving me alot of wonderful surprises. He made me feel loved and treasured in a way no one else did before 🙂

He was so persistent for 1+ years and I was finally touched by it!11896499_10153538518562528_7974082351760108_o

The Proposal #IsaidYESsg

For the surprise proposal, my then-BF had apparently planned a really long time with my friends and sister! He asked me to dress up because I would apparently be meeting his mum for dinner in an “atas” place. Thinking that was the case, I dressed up very nicely, to meet him at Clementi. But when I saw him wearing T-shirt and jeans, I felt a little cheated!

Subsequently, we set off to our venue. As I usually trust him with the directions, I just followed him since I had no idea where we were going anyway. When we got to the venue, he asked if I wanted some water and food for the night. Huh? I was confused because… weren’t we supposed to meet his mum for dinner? Nevertheless, I happily ate the subway cookie he bought for me.

Then, he brought me into the “forest”, and by “forest”, I mean it was literally a dark and scary route! At this point, wild thoughts were racing through my head – mostly concerns on my safety 😛
Along the way, he kept reassuring me that a pretty restaurant was ahead! I half-believed him since I knew of a place in Penang Hill, Malaysia which was also the same, so we carried on walking.


Finally, we reached a place decorated with numerous blue and pink lights and my first reaction was – “Wow this is so pretty! I wonder who’s having a proposal today…” It was like we had been transported to a totally different world! There were people blowing bubbles… and I was amazed when I realised that was his mum and my mum!

It struck me – this was my Proposal!

A Korean song then started playing and I recognised this as a song from the KDrama “Nine-Tailed Fox” which brought back memories of when he was still wooing me. We had watched this drama together at that time. It felt so much like my own fairy tale that I started to tear up uncontrollably…


My BF then walked onto the stage, surrounded by my cell group members and family, and presented me with a bouquet of lovely red roses. He started playing the guitar, singing a song with personalised lyrics detailing how we had met! I was really touched and tearing non-stop, yet at the same time, so excited that this was really happening! He sang me two songs and showed me pictures of our dating memories he had set up. Reliving these beautiful memories and witnessing the efforts he had put into this proposal really made me smile from ear to ear that night:)


When he got onto his knees and popped the question, promising that he would take care of me and love me, that was when he opened the box with a beautiful heart-shaped ring. I sensed he was quite nervous that night even though he kept denying it.


So that night, I said Yes to a lifetime of bliss with him 🙂


Editor’s Note:

You can find Meifung on – http://lamebowl.blogspot.sg/

Picture credits to: Purity Pictures Photography

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