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She loves Jay Chou, and never expected an unforgettable proposal like this…

We loved Jasmine & Lam’s proposal story so much the first time we heard it that we just had to feature it on TWW #isaidYESsg. Thank you to Jasmine for sharing this story with TWW readers. Congratulations! 🙂



How We Met

We both met via an online app. At that point of time, I had a few messages from other online contacts but one of them kept on sending messages to me – Mr Lam. The constant messaging from him actually irritated me at the very beginning, but somehow one of his messages was so sincere that I decided to reply. So, we went on a first date a week after his exam, and to his credit (because he is a rather introverted guy), we met at a club – Playhouse.

Subsequently, he (aka Lam) suggested we should have a quieter date compared to the first one. We planned for a dinner together just two days after the club night out. Moving at a super fast pace, somehow we got together just after the third meet up!  Everything happened too fast but I am glad I took the leap of faith!

This was taken on our first official date!


Then, after being together for 8 months, we applied for BTO (super fast pace still!). I wasn’t quite expecting a proper proposal because people nowadays treat having a BTO as saying “YES” to marriage, so the proposal he planned really caught me off guard…

The proposal #ISAIDYESSG

It was a birthday treat from me to him and we picked Boracay, mainly because it was on my bucket list and I am someone who loves the beach. Imagine the beautiful beach and clear blue sea! How could anyone miss it?

During check-in at the airport, something in Lam’s bag was detected as a potential suspicious item. Luckily (as I heard from Lam later), the security personnel only touched the ring box and cleared him to pass without asking him to remove anything from his bag. Otherwise, the cover of his surprise proposal would have been blown!

Before we set off to Boracay, he bought a GoPro camera claiming that he wanted to record our overseas adventures. Being a person who loves to document her life with pictures and more pictures, I never suspected his reason for buying the GoPro. In fact, I really loved this idea!

I was even more unsuspecting because I had arranged the entire trip by myself –  from the air tickets, to hotel and transfer, outdoor adventures etc because it was supposed to be a birthday trip for him.

As I was checking in to our room,  I felt something was not right as Lam was busy talking to the manager outside the lobby door.  Why would he be speaking with hotel staff when I was the one liaising with them all along? I even asked Lam about his conversation with the hotel manager, and his explanation was “The manager showed me where we should go for dinner etc.”  Somehow I believed this slightly ridiculous reason.


After a whole day of water activities, Lam told me he wanted to have a dinner near the beach so we can watch the sunset together. Since he was the birthday boy, I went along with his suggestion. We were seated right in the middle of the restaurant along the beach, with the perfect sunset view and company. This was a trip for us to escape from our busy schedule and I just love to travel around the world with him.


This was the view from our restaurant. Just as I was fiddling with my phone and the GoPro, someone popped up behind me and started playing the guitar. I did not realise it even after Lam signalled me to as I honestly thought it was a live band from the restaurant playing for all patrons. It was then I realised the guitarist was playing for me! My heart started to race faster and felt so embarrassed because the whole restaurant was watching! That was when I knew the proposal was happening!

Lam started to take out a stack of coloured papers with notes on it while the musician was playing two songs (“I do, Cherish you” and “This I promise you”).


Jay chou fans would know all these song titles! Being a Jay Chou fan like myself, he managed to piece Jay’s song titles together to write our story! I was very touched by the effort he made for this proposal to happen:

He was never much a person for Mandarin but still he pieced together Mandarin song titles for our proposal. He never liked the idea of giving flowers but he still prepared such a huge bouquet. He was never a romantic guy but secretly planned this with the hotel.

I could never say  “No” to a guy who loves me so wholeheartedly.


So, my answer to his proposal was “Yes, I do.”

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