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How much is a beautiful memory worth? Tips on how to choose your Wedding Photographer

How much is a beautiful memory worth to you? To us, your Wedding is a once in a lifetime, never-again event. When every other detail is planned to perfection (Think Tiffany Chairs for your solemnisation!), the right photographer will be able to capture the essence of your wedding.

With the topic of wedding photos making waves in Singapore recently, we are now well aware that ultimately, choosing a wedding photographer up to scratch for your Big Day is no easy feat. Hence, we’ve put together our top tips on how to choose a wedding photographer for your Big Day.

  1. Portfolio

Viewing a photographer’s portfolio will show you their style of photography and the kind of work they produce.

When looking through portfolios, make it a point to request to view the complete set of photos from previous assignments.

As portfolios are selected to contain the creme de la creme of the photographer’s body of work, it’s important to view the rest as well to see the photographer’s style throughout the whole wedding process rather than a few select photos.

Bobby Kieran

Picture credits: Bobby Kieran Photography

2. Style

The style of photography translates into the general vibe that you’ll be getting throughout the entire set of photos.

You might want to choose a photographer with a style suited to your theme. It’s much easier than trying to imitate the style of someone else.

To find out about a photographer’s style, look through their previous works and find out what they’re good at. Some ideas for photo styles include the classic romantic, edgy, or documentary style of photography. I


Picture credits: Luvescape

3. Experience

The years of experience that a photographer has translates into the quality of the photos that they take.

So find out how many years of experience your photographer has with wedding photography. It’ll be even better if your photographer has experience shooting at your chosen venue as they’ll know the spots with the best lighting and backgrounds for photos.

colliding luster

Picture Credits: Colliding Luster

4. Planning

What happens during a wedding is pretty systematic, so planning is important for good photos.

Give your photographer an insight to the timetable will let them prepare some angles and ideas for photos. If you want to showcase certain people of events during the wedding, it’s important to let your photographer know.

said and meant

Picture Credits: Said & Meant

5. Communication

Communication is the single most important part of working together.

A good tip for beautiful wedding photos would be to communicate with your photographer. Discuss with them about how you would want the finished product to look like, what story you would want your photos to tell and the general feel for the whole shoot.

Laying down your expectations would ensure the end that your photographer knows what is expected, which translates into beautiful photos!

drew perspectives

Picture Credits: Drewperspectives


Photographers with styles we love!

Check out these 4 photographers with unique styles that we adore.

Bloc Memoire

bloc memoire

Picture Credits: Bloc Memoire

Bloc Memoire delivers dreamy, romantic styled photos with a slight touch of nostalgia to them. We adore their beautiful photos, handwritten calligraphy and the pretty wooden boxes they give for storage of photos.



Picture credits: Multifolds

The good people at Multifolds are jacks of all trades – and master of them all. Incredibly versatile with their scope of photography, they are well known for their Lovescapade series which showcases classic fairy tale romance.

A Little Moment

a little moment

Picture Credits: A Little Moment

True to the name, A Little Moment showcases the best little moments of the wedding day, from the emotional first look to the first kiss. The photos speak and tell a story of the little moments of life.



Picture Credits: Trouve

We cannot say how much we admire Trouve’s photography style. The way they capture the light and make every moment pure magic. It’s the kind of photo you look back with nostalgia with your children and remember all the finest beautiful details on your Big Day.

By Charlene Koh

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