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Top 10 Honeymoon Locations for the Singaporean Couple

Located in the heart of South-East Asia, with 6800 flights out of Changi Airport weekly, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice on where to travel. So here are our Top 10 Honeymoon Locations for the Singaporean couple!

  1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia


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Known for its’ crystal-clear waters filled with colourful fishes and picturesque high mountains, Bora Bora is an ideal getaway for couples wanting an escape from hustle and bustle from the city. This can be achieved through the lush resorts and island atmosphere in Bora Bora. This aqua-centric destination has limitless activities for couples, which includes cycling, swimming, snorkeling, shark-feeding dives and scuba diving around the lagoon of Bora Bora.

  1. Paris, France


Picture Credit: Adventures to Europe

What better way to celebrate the joyous reunion through romance in the most romantic city in the world? Enjoy the beautiful gardens and picturesque grand palaces. The many ways to experience romance in Paris could be dinner atop the Eiffel Tower, wandering through the stunning streets filled with city lights, experiencing their café culture and designer boutiques or simply by having wine by the river.

  1. Santorini, Greece


Picture Credit: Reveal Greece

The eye-catching view of the landscapes in Santorini is worth the trip to experience love in the air. Enjoy the sunset hovering over the deep blue waters and pristine white building that creates a romantic and serene ambience. Make sure to explore Fira, the largest and busiest part of the island and Imerovigli, which is known for its’ peaceful area filled with aesthetically pleasing houses painted in blue, white, cream, yellow and ochre.

  1. Kyoto, Japan


Picture Credit: Rask Travel

Visit Kyoto during the cherry blossom season, which is around the last week of March till the middle of April to catch the well-known cherry blossom, “Sakura” season. The dash of pink and white cherry blossoms is a sight that should not be missed by couples for its’ beautiful visual and deeper metaphoric meaning in the cycle of cherry blossoms. Kyoto is filled with peaceful surroundings like the Zen gardens and Buddhist temples that add serenity to your honeymoon trip.

  1. Tasmania, Australia


Picture Credit: Australia

Tasmania is perfect for adventurous couples as it provides ancient shores, stunning coastlines and remote wilderness that world’s largest temperate rainforest. Tasmania is also known for its’ food which comes from local producers. Learn more about their food from cheese makers to beekeepers and indulge in their organic feast for an incredible gastronomical experience. Tasmania’s ancient shores and remote wilderness

  1. Peru, Latin America


Picture Credit: Machu Tours 

Do visit the capital city of Peru, Lima which is known for its’ vibrant food scene. The metropolitan city offers a variety of food from traditional dishes to international cuisines. Lima is rich in history with its’ artistic collection and trace of ancient civilizations. However, the iconic Machu Picchu must not be missed. The panoramic view in the middle of a tropical mountain forest is sure to take your breath away.

  1. California


Picture Credit: Loyalty Traveller

Spend your honeymoon in various activities in California. This romantic country provides romantic activities such as road trips through a long drive on California’s pacific edge on Big Sur Coast, which includes breath-taking ocean views and cliffs. Walk on the beach with your loved one just like the movies along the beaches at Laguna, Malibu and more. Take the cable car ride at San Francisco to the other side to share a memorable and romantic moment with your partner.

  1. Crystal Symphony


Picture Credit: Trusted Luxury Cruises

Get on board and experience romance in one of the world’s most glamorous harbors. The wonderful balance of warm rays of sunshine and cool ocean breezes present a romantic atmosphere. The luxurious accommodation includes the bridge lounge known for its floor-to-ceiling drapes, Roman sheers and a 12k gold champagne leaf dome ceiling and state-of-the-art audio and visual surroundings. Indulge in this cruise for its’ posh facilities and remarkable ocean view.

  1. Dubai


Picture Credit: enatourism

This luxurious city is filled with striking architecture and wide ocean view. Escape into the glamorous city life with your significant other and feel like royalty with top-class hotels provided in Dubai. For tranquility, travel down to the desert and get away from the city to experience the serene isolation from the crowd. Watch the magnificent sunset while riding on a camel and sipping champagnes with your partner.

  1. Bali
Ulun Danu Temple at Sunrise. Bali, Indonesia
Ulun Danu Temple at Sunrise. Bali, Indonesia

Picture Credit: Dardenne Photography

Bali is a great choice for a short honeymoon trip given the fact it is in Asia. It is a country not to be missed by romance-seekers. Bali is famous for its’ excellent landscapes of majestic temples and striking mountains. Bali represents the rich culture of Indonesia and its’ possession of impressive artistic visuals. There is a fair share of nature and city elements that completes your honeymoon trip.

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