#IsaidYESsg, Wedding Proposal

My gamer BF just whisked me away to Taiwan and blew my mind completely…#IsaidYESsg

How #IsaidYESsg

A Day of Strange Conversations

  1. The dinner venue with my ex-colleagues was suddenly changed to the airport, as one of them needed to fly back to China for CNY a week earlier.
  2. My boss kept asking if I will be coming into office on Monday, am I?
  3. My sister kept pestering me if I have done my laundry

As usual, the unsuspecting me didn’t think too much and went to the airport to meet up with my friends for dinner. Never did I imagine that I would end up going on a surprise trip to Taiwan – the very first country that we visited together and the one country that we love the most!


I was extremely tired and in need of a shower after the overnight flight on ScootBiz. Luckily, on our way to Starry Mingsu, we dropped by our favourite massage place in TaiChung (春不荖足湯養生館) to recharge!

After the massage, we had to quickly buy a few sets of clothes as my little sister didn’t understand that Taiwan was having a cold season and I would be climbing a mountain. She had packed me a dress to climb a mountain!


After all that rush, very luckily, we managed to board the last bus to CingJing farm to Starry Minsu – the highest altitude in Cingjing Farm to have a hotel. I strongly recommend people to stay here to enjoy the scenic view in the morning, evening and at night. We stayed for a night before climbing the mountain at the break of dawn – 4am to be exact. Even Fate was on our side as the police unblocked the roads up the mountain after a week of snow and we are free to go to the peak of Mt. Shih Men for its famous sunrise.


We woke up to his partner-in-crime’s Uncle Sunny (our tour guide) morning call, who obviously had been well-informed about the plans. He quickly drove us up to the mountain and we started our trek up Mt. Shi Men. It was slippery from snow/ice and I wanted to give up many times, if not for my boyfriend’s insistence we make it to the peak. He said it would all be worth it. Worth it? You decide 🙂




Finally, surprises didn’t just end there, he managed to book a suite in W Taipei for both of us to recuperate from the tiring mountain expedition.


His Planning Tips:

  1. Inform her boss 2 months before about the surprise trip to take leave for your girlfriend
  2. Book the tickets and make sure it is a flight after work because it will be near impossible to leave during working hours
  3. Plan a dinner date near airport, and if any surprises, make sure you interfere and ask her friends to join in; I’m sure they would not mind 😉
  4. Get her sibling to steal her passport 2 weeks before
  5. Inform her parents that you’re going to propose on the surprise trip as a form of respect
  6. The first day of your proposal will be packed! Ensure that you 2 can relax after that – for instance, I booked W Taipei for us to rest on the 2nd day (initial plan was Hot Spring Hotel, but it was fully booked).
  7. Tell her siblings to pack the RIGHT clothing.
  8. Pay for their transports 🙂

Our Story

Best friends. Confidant. Lovers. These are the words I would use to describe the two of us.

You know how people say that the best way to know someone is to travel with them? I fully agree! Together, we’ve travelled to US, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Bangkok, Vietnam and there’s nothing like facing each other day in and day out to know if He’s the One.

Even after six years together, not a day goes by that we don’t discover (or re-discover) something new about each other which we love.



Editor’s Note: This is the first of our #IsaidYESsg series. If you or anyone you know have a proposal story you would like to share and inspire others, please feel free to email in at theweddingwaltz.sg [at] gmail.com, with a short introduction of your proposal story 🙂

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