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Wedding proposals are hard; see our Top 10 Singapore Wedding Proposal Ideas for your Marriage!

Proposals in modern day Singapore can be a complicated affair, from the simple but unromantic, “Want to apply for BTO?”, question to the over the top Changi Airport flash mob proposals. You know you’re ready to pop the marriage question, but the thing is, you don’t know where to start flowers, ring, question and all.

We feel your pain – Here are the top 10 Singapore Wedding Proposal Ideas to help you plan that special day for your marriage!

  1. In the movies


Picture credits: Pocket Projects

If you and your sweetheart have a spot spot for the movies, with many a date night spent cuddling up in the seats of the theatre, a movie theatre proposal will take you down memory lane! Rent a theatre, invite your family and friends, then tell her that you’re taking her for a date night at the movies, easy peasy.

The Projector offers cinema halls for hire, complete with an old school vibe that’s great if you’re taking her down memory lane. Get some props like a custom instagram frame for photos when the lights come back on at Sellabrations, a carousell based prop shop.

2. Over a romantic dinner (with a view)


Picture credits: SG Asia City

So you’re a traditional kind of guy, you want a nice romantic setting to pop the golden question over a fancy dinner and maybe a bouquet of roses. What about taking it further with unique restaurants which offer you an unforgettable view?

Salt Grill and Sky Bar offers up some delicious modern Australian cuisine, with the restaurant located at ION Orchard, it also offers a great view of the cityscape.

If you’re looking for more privacy, the Singapore Flyer has specially designed packages for special occasions like proposals. Surprise her with a dinner and proposal held against the stunning backdrop of the Singapore skyline. A romantic occasion calls for some flowers, and you can order a pretty bouquet at Angel Florist, which offers same day delivery as well!

3. In the dark

In the dark, we are at our most vulnerable state, so what better way to bare your soul and propose than in the dark? After all, as people like to say, love is blind 😉


Picture credits: NOX Dine in the dark

A dining concept that challenges you to look beyond your sense of sight, NOX Dining in the dark is a restaurant run by visually impaired servers. Ask for her hand in a pitch black dining room, you won’t have a proposal video montage but it’ll be an unforgettable occasion for sure.

4. Gamer proposal

For the gamer in your life, a gaming inspired proposal is only apt. Take a note from Singaporean couple, Jing Xian and Wei Rong, who met on online game MapleStory.


Picture Credits: Dreamz Coffee

Get game characters or map features printed out at Botak Sign, grab some cosplayer friends to dress up as NPC’s and make your chosen venue look like something out of your favourite games!

5. Movie style airport affairs


Do it like how they do in the movies, with the male lead getting down on one knee in the aisles of an airport hall. Organise a flash mob with some family and friends, or just do it the old school way of getting down on one knee in the middle of the arrival/departure hall. Either way, you’d want some footage of the day’s events for future feel good vibes, IM-Perfection does everything from prop rentals to videography and event planning.

6. Sun,sand and sea


Picture Credits: Trouve

A classic and romantic way of proposing. Picture the soft orange and pink skies and the rhythmic swish of the waves hitting the shore as you bend your knee into the soft sand and hold out the ring. Surprise her with a message in the sand, a proposal in a bottle or take her on a treasure hunt.

Perhaps you want to do it somewhere other than Singapore’s own Sentosa Beach, beaches around the region like Krabi Beach, Langkawi or Boracay are just a plane ride away!

7. At the (bird)park


Picture Credit: Jurong Bird Park

Exotic and different, the Jurong Bird Park offers an proposal package for the adventurous couples out there. Set against the backdrop of the famed Waterfall Aviary, a trained cockatoo will fly to your arm and drop the engagement ring into your hand as you get down on one knee.

8. Up in the air


Picture Credits: Scoot

Let love be in the air – quite literally. Pop the question 500 (or more) feet in the air with a helicopter charter, or do it mid flight and celebrate the engagement with a holiday. Take a note out of Elaine and Terence’s book, they got engaged on a Scoot flight to Taiwan!

9. Under the sea


Picture Credits: Owner

Take your proposal under the sea!

Ask the most important question in your life among the schools of fish and underwater creatures in the world’s largest oceanarium. Surrounded by the jewel tone waters and rainbow hued fishes, it’s unconventional yet romantic.

10. Get someone to plan the proposal for you


When you think that everything’s been done already and you can’t think of the perfect proposal idea, get someone professional to help! Touting itself as the ‘architects of happiness’, HelpYouMarry will help you get together the perfect proposal – whatever the theme.

Picture Credits: HelpYouMarry

By: Charlene Koh

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