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10 Wedding Floral Trends of 2016

Flowers add a touch of class to every wedding. But did you know flowers have been used in weddings since Ancient Greece? This was a way of showing thanks and well wishes to the couple and guests at the wedding. Which wedding floral trend of 2016 do you like the most?

  1. Rose Quartz and Serenity Takes Over the Palette


Picture Credit to: Floret Flowers

A shift from the sultry Masala that was Pantone color of 2015, 2016 sees Rose Quartz and Serenity taking over as feature colors. While Rose Quartz is a rather soft shade of pink, Serenity as its name suggests is a peaceful shade of blue, with the two colors complementing each other beautifully both in floral form and as a wedding theme.

  1. Floral Accessories


Picture Credit to: Owner

Flowers are now making their way into intricately made accessories; for every woman who wishes to channel her inner faerie on her wedding day, built around the theme of Mother Nature, aesthetically stunning custom-made bracelets, rings, necklaces and a whole lot more are available.

  1. Floral Curtains


Picture Credit to: Owner

Highly artistic and with a “wow” factor of 101 percent, entrance pieces are what greet a guest first at a wedding, and painstaking effort is taken to ensure that they leave a lasting impression; floral curtains are just one example of entrance pieces trending nowadays.

  1. Eco-friendly Floral Centrepieces


Picture Credit to:Floret Flowers

This literally brings a piece of the forest to the table, with flowers of the season stealing the limelight as eco-friendly centerpieces; these special blooms reflect region, season and growing zone of the country and add a rather personal touch.

  1. Playful, Loose Floral Arrays


Picture Credit to: Floret Flowers

Gone are the days where bouquets were composed of flowers tightly bundled together- the trend in 2016 is of flowers held in wild, loose arrays; what with seemingly overgrown vines and additional foliage, these come off as playful and provide visual enjoyment.

  1. Renaissance of “Old Fashioned” Flowers


Picture Credit to: Floret Flowers

For the fashion-forward bride, incorporation of commonly used flowers such as chrysanthemum into her bouquet would be a big no-no – unless there were an exotic version of them, as reflected by recent moves to use new varieties “old-fashioned” flowers in both inspiration boards and bridal bouquets.

  1. Tall Florals at the King’s Table


Picture Credit to: Strictly Weddings

Wedding dinners can potentially be a very grand affair, as highlighted by the shift from one to numerous centerpieces on the table, with unsurprisingly an increase in popularity of longer King’s tables. Not merely in number, but height as well – taller centerpieces are in demand as their majesty commands more attention.

  1. Let loose with long Ribbon Accents


Picture Credit to:  Floret Flowers

Flowy ribbons make for the perfect finishing touch to bouquets; long, flowy, silk accents of baby pink among other colors, reminiscent of Duchess Kate’s elegance, are set to continue as a popular choice among brides.

  1. Zesty Fruity Bouquet for a refreshing March-In


Picture Credit to: Fanrto

Infusion of various textures and fragrances in food form is sure to delight everybody’s inner foodie- we’re talking actual, edible fruit with the likes of pear and pomegranate alongside their floral counterparts, an interesting combination that is also delightfully functional (to curb those hunger pangs, just reach inside the bouquet).

  1. Go natural with vines, branches and leaves
Wedding floral trends 10
Wedding floral trends 10

Picture Credit to: Wedding-O-Mania

Always been an unconventional person? How about a bouquet without the expensive flowers? Understated, natural and bold, a non-floral bouquet of vines, branches, and leaves will guarantee you make an impression with guests.

By: Quek Yoke Leng

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