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Wedding Finance 101: Maximizing your Budget to Choose your dream Singapore 5-Stars Hotel (Part 1)

So you’re still busking in the happiness, bliss, and excitement after the Proposal night. The next step now is to plan for your dream wedding banquet. And the question on the minds of most Singaporean couples would be: Where do I even start?

Tip: Read the below before attending ANY wedding shows, because the stress level of making this once-in-a-lifetime decision is high even without the banquet manager dangling perks that are only valid for ONE day (ie. the day of the wedding show).



  1. Determine your dream wedding banquet


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It’s definitely easy if your budget can already afford Capella, and you probably would not need to go through these steps anymore since you are well ahead in terms of budget.

If not, for the most of us, the first important step is to set aside all your constraints and ask yourself, which hotel/location do I like the most? You do not need to visit all the hotels to know this, because deep down, you likely already have one in mind.

  1. Bridging your way to your Dream Banquet


Once your dream hotel has been decided, it is now time to build the stairways to your dream Wedding; how much budget do I need? Be true to yourself since this is a once in a lifetime event, and use the formula below as a guide to how much more to save:

dream budget

For example, a 5-star hotel Saturday wedding dinner at W Hotel is a min. $60K affair, with each table costing about $2k net and a min. of 25 tables. This assumes that non-venue costs (ie. photographers, videographers, pre-wedding) are 20% of venue costs.

So can you afford the $60K?

At first glance, this may look intimidating, but trust us, it was very helpful for us when we started to visit Wedding shows because we immediately knew which venues we could afford and which would need some extra savings.

  1. Skip a few stairs, build a few, and you’ll reach your dream in no time


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Let’s use an example of Couple F(abulous):

  • Couple F wants to have their Dream Wedding at W Hotel in 12 months’ time.
  • Both of them have combined current savings of $20K
  • By earning $3.5k each per month, using the formula, the missing budget would work out to about $10.6k.

Use the formula to get to your dream wedding! There are really only 3 variables determining whether you can have your wedding in the dream location/hotel:

  1. No. of Months to Wedding
  2. % of Net Earnings Monthly (savings)
  3. No. of tables.

Couple F could delay their wedding banquet by 2 months, increase savings to 45% per month or reduce 3 tables. It can also be a combination of all.

The bottom line is: Find your plan and start executing it!

Note: I would be suggesting prudent ways to maximize #1, #2, and #3 in part 2 of this series.

  1. Is it worth it to spend so much on a wedding banquet?


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Our mission here at is to inspire all couples to hold true to their wedding dreams and, at the same time, not compromise on their values.

During my financial planning phase for my wedding, I had told my Mom that I would not hold any wedding banquet for friends and will be having a simple Buffet at the poolside, because that makes the most financial sense. At that time, my mom simply asked – “Your Wedding is once in a lifetime – will you regret not having a celebration for your friends and family in the future?” So, I asked myself if my wedding was a priority in my life and because the answer was a resounding: “YES!”, I went ahead to book my dream hotel (of course, after doing my sums to ensure we stayed within our means).

For conservatism sake (as with all good accountants), we assume all $60K will be spent. But, in reality, in a typical Chinese wedding, we will likely really spend on average 15% of the costs (about $7,500 for Couple F), and these are usually non-venue costs such as videographer, wedding photography and wedding gowns/suits.

Stay tuned – I will be back on how to minimize these costs  in my following post so that you could spend less than that 15% in the end.


By: Zack

*While we pride ourselves on trying to help fellow bride and groom-to-bes with finances, as always, do take your own financial situation into account.

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