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Fairmont is a great 5* wedding venue! But there’s a CATCH…

Fairmont Wedding Venue Review: 

We think Fairmont Swissotel is best suited for couples who are looking for a classy 5* Venue at a great price!



  • Flexible themes with very cool lighting design for the tables
  • Pocket-friendly ($1288++ for a Saturday night dinner, for a 5 star hotel!)
  • Very high ceiling and pillar-less for most ballrooms (except the smallest Atrium Ballroom)
  • Extremely convenient location at City Hall!
  • Plenty of great views of Marina Bay area in the solemnisation function room and some of the harbourview rooms.
  • The Suites were AWESOME.

fairmont-singapore suite

Suite picture credits to: Trip Advisor

As all brides-to-be would already know, fixing a venue is one of the hardest part of getting married! There can only be ONE, and personally, choosing the right venue for yourself is very important because it makes all the difference about the “feel” on the actual day.

However, there’s ONE catch:

  • To enjoy the fancy ballrooms, you need a minimum of 35 tables for a Saturday dinner (Padang, Canning, Collyer)
  • For Padang, Canning and Collyer ballrooms, note that the foyer is shared. On the wedding day, there will be partitions to guide guests to the right ballrooms.
  • But! For a minimum of 45 tables, you can get a fantastic ballroom with a private foyer.


We went for the Swissotel Wedding Show today and we could tell it was a really popular venue because the discussion area was very packed!

While the minimum of 200 pax is a big draw, we realised that anything smaller than 30/35 tables for lunch/dinner would be in Atrium Ballroom. Unfortunately, we were not keen on Atrium Ballroom which seemed relatively plain compared to the other ballrooms with fancy lights. The bright side of Atrium Ballroom would be it has its own private foyer!


We also learned that there is a newly-renovated wing and an old wing in Fairmont. We personally preferred the new wing which had a woody theme, while others on the tour with us mentioned they liked the old wing which was more “classic”. For us, we would definitely go for the newly renovated wing!

To summarise, Fairmont is a really great 5* venue which gives real value for what you’re paying. The high ceilings and highly customisable themes are a big plus, if you have a minimum of 350 pax, or better yet, 450 pax for the highly private Fairmont Ballroom.

*Featured image of Ballroom credit to Fairmont

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