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Top 10 Prewedding Shoot Locations in Singapore We Love

When you think of a Singapore pre-wedding photoshoot, do you only think about Marina Bay Sands and an urban skyline? In this feature on Prewedding shoot locations in Singapore, we bring you off the beaten track so you can be inspired by the beautiful photo opportunities Singapore can have.

  1.     Singapore Botanic Gardens


Photo Credit: Alwin and Kai of Trouve

Being the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Singapore Botanic Gardens is an ideal location for pre-wedding photo shoots.  The rich flora and fauna with a serene atmosphere surrounds the Botanic Gardens. The greenery and white pavilions compliment each other to make up a great backdrop. This enables couples to take beautiful photographs. It is definitely a must to take photographs at the Healing Garden, Sun Garden as well as The Swan Lake.


  1.     S.E.A Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa


Photo Credit: Chris Woon from Moretopurple

The stunning location, S.E.A Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa, is a great choice for couples as the beautiful setting creates a nautical theme for photo shoots. Dive into the maritime atmosphere for a cool and calming appeal for your pre-wedding photo shoot. The huge variety of fishes and other sea creatures gracing around the aquarium collectively forms into an excellent backdrop for the pre-wedding photo shoot

3. Singapore Flyer


Photo Credit: Cangai Wedding

Singapore is well known for its’ cityscape and the Singapore Flyer allow couples to take their photographs among the breathtaking cityscape. When you take the Singapore Flyer, you are able to get a 360 degrees bird’s’ eye view of the cityscape. However, be sure to snap as many pictures as possible throughout the ride to avoid missing out on the perfect cityscape. The Singapore Flyer is an iconic landmark in Singapore so why not take your pre-wedding photographs there?

4.    Singapore National Museum


Photo Credit:

This is for couples that are looking for an artistic, classic and historical look for their photographs through the old colonial white buildings and aesthetically pleasing artworks around the museum. However, it is crucial to book the venue in advance to avoid any disruption during the photo shoot. The elegance of Singapore National Museum has great backdrop and visuals for couples to take romantic and prestigious photographs for their pre-wedding photo shoot.

5. Sunset Way Railway Tracks


Photo credit: The Feline Bridal

The Sunset Way Railway Tracks is located at Clementi. It is easily accessed from Clementi Avenue 4. This is location is great for couples looking for an offbeat look. It looks far off from the city and the hectic lifestyle that surrounds it. This location brings out the historical side of Singapore that is often overlooked. It has a calmer and peaceful atmosphere that makes the photo shoot fun and relaxing at the same time

6. Tiong Bahru Estate


Photo Credit: Kelvin Koh of Lightedpixels Photography

This offbeat location offers visuals of the authentic culture of Singapore. There is plenty of diversity in this area, which in a way represent the daily life of a Singaporean. It is away from the busy areas in Singapore and is usually filled with rich traditional settings. The old coffee shops are locations that normally would not have been a choice by couples but the magic behind the photos are often underestimated and undiscovered.

7. Haji Lane8

Another offbeat location would definitely be Haji Lane. It possesses the rich culture of the local art scene. If you are a couple that wants a unique and hipster-esque backdrop, look no further as Haji Lane is the perfect pre-wedding photo shoot location for you. The creative appearance of Haji Lane makes the photographs stand out from the norm and typical pre-wedding photo shoot done by many couples in Singapore.

Photo credit: Mindy Tan –

8. Tuas9

Photo Credit: Joseph of Super Panda Presents

Tuas is a great location for a romantic pre-wedding photo shoot. It has a long stretch of road that goes well together with a beautiful car and the sunset. The empty and isolated area oddly creates a romantic appeal for photo shoots. It is ideal to create the sunrise effect as well as the sunset effect for the photographs. The huge bare land allows creativity for couples’ pre-wedding photo shoot

9. Baba House


Photo Credit: Ting of Ksana

Baba House is a great place for authentic Peranakan themed photo shoot as It is the most detailed and well-persevered Peranakan house in Singapore.It filled with historical background of the Peranakan culture, which is expressed through the variety of notable authentic Peranakan decorations that forms into an organized setting which amplifies the culture and vibrancy.

10. Marina Bay Sands Skypark


Photo Credit: Benson and Susan Photography

Of course, the magnificent cityscape at Marina Bay Sands Skypark should not be missed, as it is one of the iconic places in Singapore. It is 200m high which makes you feel like you are on top of the world. This spectacular view needs to be captured for great memories. Do not miss the breathtaking and remarkable scene of Singapore’s modern infrastructures, which makes a great backdrop for the photo shoot.

By: Thanussha Priyah

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