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Singapore Actual Day Wedding Dinner Schedule (Part I)

Not sure how to plan the Actual Day Wedding Dinner Schedule? Sharing a guide to timelines for a traditional Chinese Wedding Dinner in Singapore!

Do feel free to adjust the schedule based on different needs and auspicious hours.

5.30am: The Breakfast

The bride will have a meal with her family, the “last” time she will eat with her own family. Normally, this breakfast includes rice, fish, meat, vegetables and a sweet dessert to mark the start of the bride’s next journey in life.

6.00am:  Hair-combing and Makeup

hair comb

Picture Credits: Singapore Brides

The Bride’s mother will comb the hair of the bride. After which, the bride will get dressed and have hair and makeup done by a HMUA. The rest of the family also dresses up for the big day. Groom should also be awake and dressing up at this time.

Bridesmaids will also need their make-ups done at this time.

6.30 am: Prepping for Gate Crash

Groom and his band of brothers, photographer, videographer should arrive where at their stipulated location. Brothers have to use this time to decorate the car. Bridesmaids should already be preparing all their tricks for the Brothers – so, squeeze that lemon as hard as you can!

7.00am: Veiling of the bride

anton chia veil1.PNG

Picture Credits: Anton Chia

Parents of the bride will veil their daughter and share a quiet moment with her. This could be a very emotional time for the bride and parents, so bridesmaids, do be sensitive. Sisters will standby at the door waiting for the groomsman. After this, ladies – feel free to go on a photo taking frenzy!

7.15am: Let the Gatecrash Begin!

gatecrash mothership

Picture Credits: The Mothership

The groom and his brothers would have arrived at the bride’s house. Have fun with the boys and make them work! But ladies, do take note of the time. And finally, once tasks are completed to the satisfaction of the Sisters, the groom can fetch his bride and bring her to his home.

Do make sure your videographer has caught plenty of video worthy moments!

8.00am: Tea Ceremony at Groom’s House

Arrival at the groom’s house. The bride will now change into the Kua (Traditional Tea Dress). It’s time for the tea ceremony with the groom’s family and to wear jewellery given by the Groom’s family.

Brothers and sisters can take time to have some food.

10.00am: Going to the Bride’s Home for Tea Ceremony.

Sisters can follow the bride back to her house.

11.00am: Leave for Church Wedding or Have Lunch at Bride’s House

12-4pm: Solemnisation and Outdoor Photoshoot 

The bride and groom can either do their solemnisation and outdoor shoot. This is the time to let loose and have fun! After that, everyone can wash up and even check in earlier at the hotel.

4.00pm: MUA arrives at hotel. Brides and Mum prepare for evening Make-up.

4.30pm: Preparing for the Evening Banquet

Banquet Manager to start testing all equipment. Reception table to be set up.

6.00pm: PG & VG Arrives at Hotel.

7.30pm: Cocktail reception/banquet starts.


Picture Credits: Ksana

Bride and Groom welcome guests who would have arrived. Bridesmaids and groomsmen should help in ushering the guests and the collection of gifts.

8.30pm: First March In

  • Introduction by Emcee
  • Childhood montage
  • 1st March-in
  • Cake cutting
  • Dinner presentation (Food!)

9.30pm: Second March In

  • Emcee Introduction
  • Same-day video highlights
  • 2nd March-in
  • Champagne popping/pouring
  • Love toasting
  • Yam Seng
  • Thank you speech
  • Group photo taking

11pm: Banquets ends

Finally, time for some rest and you can welcome the next day together as Man & Wife!

By: Mavis Yoon/ Editor

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