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10 Wedding Themes for the Singaporean Couple

Every girl has dreamed of her own fantasy wedding, a cascading white dress, lavish bouquets of flowers and a huge diamond ring on her finger. But for the more adventurous couple, let us help you with your vision for something different, with 10 wedding themes for the Singaporean couple!

Nautical themed wedding


Picture Credits: one15 Marina

Being an island surrounded by sea, you would think that seaside weddings would be a typical affair by now.

 ONE°15 Marina Club offers a few unique wedding venue choices for a nautical themed affair, take your pick from the waterfront Boaters Bar to the hull-shaped NOVA room that boasts a spectacular 180 degree view of the marina. For the couples looking for the ultra luxe, the club even offers yacht rentals for a one of a kind experience.

Great Gatsby themed wedding

Channel the grandeur of old school opulence with a Great Gatsby themed wedding. Think jazz age elegance complete with pearls, sequined flapper dresses, grand pianos and lots of champagne.


Picture Credits: Samuel Goh

Built in 1918, The Alkaff Mansion has a long history of being the place for opulent high society gatherings, tucked away from the city on Telok Blangah Hill, it exudes the fun old school charm of the Jazz age.

Super Villain/hero themed wedding

A super villain (or hero) themed wedding for those who have found their partner in cime. After all, every Joker needs his Harley like Superman needs Lois Lane, and besides – Singapore’s beautiful cityscape could look right out of a comic book no?


Picture Credits:  One Eye Click

For a supervillan or hero themed wedding, costumes are a must. Costumes can be rented, bought or custom made at CCM or at Costumes ‘N’ Parties along Kampung Bahru road

Garden themed wedding

Well Singapore has a reputation for being a garden city, so why not have a garden themed wedding in this city?

tamarind hill3

Picture Credits: Studiokel

Garden themed weddings are often intimate and honest, take your pick of the many gardens in Singapore for your special day. Tamarind Hill is a contemporary Siamese restaurant located at Labrador Park and the colonial bungalow nestled in greenery is a perfect location for a garden wedding!


Fairytale themed  Wedding

Take a page out of a storybook and celebrate your happily ever after with a Fairytale themed wedding.

fairytale wedding.jpg

Picture Credits: Revelation Creative House

A fairytale wedding features flowers, lots and lots of flowers. Boenga turns flowers into works of art and designs the floral arrangements according to theme and preferences.

Batik themed wedding

Ditch the white dress and don on some batik fabrics. A fabric with Indonesian origins, the batik has a rich history in Singapore’s past as well. Celebrate the traditional with a batik themed wedding.


Picture Credits:  Bride Story

The Little Nyonya Batik carries Kebayas along with beautiful hand drawn batik sarongs for a twist on the white wedding gown.

Rustic barnyard themed wedding

Channel the laidback charms of the countryside with a rustic barnyard themed wedding.


Picture Credits: Chris Ling

Hidded in the far corner of North-East Singapore, Punggol Ranch touts itself as Singapore’s cowboy town. With facilities like country styled rooms, indoor or outdoor halls and a vintage looking chalet facility, the place gives off the whole laid back vibe.

Styled by Story provides vintage props and stylings to craft and finish off the look and feel of a rustic barnyard themed wedding.

Movie themed wedding

For most couples, the seeds of their love were planted with numerous dates at the theatre where hands found each other in the light of the movie screens. Relive the magic of the movies


Picture Credits: Meladegypsie

Pop some popcorn, rent a projector and do a showing of the films that made you fall in love.

Coffeeshop themed wedding

Do away with the French themed wedding ideas and celebrate the colloquial quirks of the Singaporean coffeeshop culture.


Picture Credits: MY Weddings

Hold it in your neighbourhood kopitiam, or plan your menu around typical kopitiam dishes (half boiled egg and kaya brioche tapas anyone?) – the possibilities are endless.

For new school cakes but with old school charms, using buttercream frosting like cakes from the good ol’days My Sister Bakes whips up some beautiful floral cakes.

Old World Shanghai Glamour


Picture Credits: Memoir Click Studio

For the modern couple with a love for Old World glamour, the Shanghai-themed is an idea. Jazz up the night and get your guests dancing like those wild nights in the Bund!

By: Charlene Koh

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