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10 Wedding Vow Ideas for the Singaporean Couple

Penning your own promises can truly personalise your wedding. However, we understand it could be daunting to write something from scratch, so here are some Wedding Vow ideas to inspire the Singaporean couple as you become man and wife.


  1. For the Romantically Classic Couple1.

(Picture credit: BitterSweetbyJoseph )

Today, I am blessed to have to not just have you as my husband/wife,
But as a best friend,
Someone I can tell all of my troubles to,
Divide sorrow by half,
Multiple joy by two.

It is with all of my sincerity,
That I hope you will share life with me,
The smallest things,
The simplest pleasures,
Every sunset and sunrise.

Come every end of the day,
When fatigue takes over you,
And you feel blue,
I will be there to greet you, with a smile,
And a heartfelt “I love you.”

2. For the couple who’s More than Words


(Picture credit: Honeybrides )

I, [name], take you, [name], to be my [husband/wife], in equal love and duty, making do without gender stereotypes, to take care of the family together, never shrinking from duties, to love and respect each other as equals, until the end of time.”

3. Couples with Promises to last a lifetime


(Picture credit: Honeybrides )

I promise you,
That when things get trying I will be here,
That no matter what difficulties lie ahead,
You will never have to face them by yourself

I promise you,
To honour our relationship for all its ups and downs,
To be true to every word that I say,
And to be honest in everything that I do

I promise you,
That as your husband,
I will do my best to provide for you and our future children,
To nurture a loving family together, step-by-step

I promise you,
That my love for you will never die,
That when the sun sets some 40 years later,
I’ll be there to watch it with you.

4. Quirkily Yours


(Picture credit: Prologue Pictures )

I remember when you professed to me your love for Superheros
Spiderman swinging from one end of the city to the other
Batman with his mysterious batty aura
Hulk with his incredible strength and power

I also remember that I was, and still am,
A very regular human being with a less-than-ideal physique
6-pack non-existent, skinny arms and legs
Not exactly the definition of “manly”, I guess

But, the one thing that I can do, or what I regard my Superpower,
Is to wipe away your tears on days you feel upset,
To hug you while you sob and yell and curse,
And to be there at your calling, whenever you need me.

That I promise you, love of my life.

5. For the Humorous Couple


(Picture credit: Anton Chia )

I can’t promise not to sock you when your snores wake me up at 2am in the goddamned morning.
But, I promise you:
To indulge you in your favorite ice-cream when you’re down
To give you shoulder massages after a long day at work
To stay by your side when you fall sick, and make you porridge till you get better
To sing all your favorite songs in the karaoke even if that means I don’t get to sing mine

And above all, I promise you that the bed will be for both of us… even if I should be secretly inclined to kick you off.

6. The Singapore Patriot


(Picture credit: Bloc Memoire)

“We, a married couple from today,
Pledge ourselves as one united people,
Regardless of differences in personality, hobbies, and temperament,
To build a loving and caring place called home
Based on understanding and transparency
So that together we can achieve
Happiness, love, and progress for our family.”

7. For Couples with a Dramatic Flair


(Picture credit: Bloc Memoire )

Let not the Atlantic Ocean divide us, for the love we have is strong
Enough to withstand trial and tribulation, and tongue-wagging that is wrong
The passion we shared, unbridled and wild,
Let us carry into our everyday lives, spice it up a notch,
It is you and only you for whom I carry a torch

Let me tell you one of my craziest dreams
That has come true today, with you and me
In front of everyone here I would like to profess,
That I will be with you, my dearest, from now till eternity.

8. For the Quintessentially Singaporean couple


(Picture credit:

Not your typical Cinderella story,
From rags to riches,
For I am but your average Joe
With no BMW to speak of

You stunned me with your beautiful eyes,
Smile, and heart,
And I think in that moment I truly understood
What true love was about

Give to you I cannot,
A lifestyle draped in leopard furs,
But I promise to lavish you with
All of my love

Simple yet fulfilling,
This union of ours,
Will see us happy and healthy
Into our final hours.


9. For the Couple with a love for Fast Food

So long it has been since the day we met
At a local fast-food chain known as Mac’s
The weather was crazy, so was the queue
Until I laid my eyes upon the girl that was you

Then our eyes met and something in me started
Thudding of my heart, weakening of my knees
An overwhelming sensation took over me
Before I made a run for the nearest toilet

Wife dearest, I promise to indulge thee in Mac’s
As often as you want, as much as you like
We could pig out together half-past midnight
And I will love you forever, trust me alright?

10. Finally, The Heartfelt


(Picture credit: TopPictureGraphy )

Today, I am lucky to have you as my husband/bride.
For all the times we have tolled together, our love for each other has finally come into fruition through this ceremony called “a wedding”.
It is symbolic not just in name, but the fact that we are spiritually connected to each other.

I promise you, my dear.
That although our union will not symbolize the start of something passionate and romantic (no cheesy storyline unlike in Korean dramas), our love will be like a small stream – steadily flowing – and endure the test of time.

I love you, my dear.

By Quek Yoke Ling


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